Frequently Asked Questions

What is a COMBINE?

A Combine is an event which tests a combination of several performance characteristics including speed, power, strength, agility, and positional skills. These measurements are used to evaluate an athlete's overall skill level relative to their position. This event serves to make the college recruiting process easier as it provides non-biased test results for players to be measured with by coaches. COMBINES and their results are what the NFL / COLLEGES / HIGH SCHOOLS as well as YOUTH ATHLETES use around the NATION to compare your athletes against the rest of the nation.

THE RESULTS OF COMBINE WILL BE DISTRIBUTED BY PIAA TO MORE THAN 600 colleges throughout the country as well as Coach Miano to prospective college recruiters!


Can my whole family come to the GPA?

Yes you may invite your entire family. There will be no cost to enter Mililani High School Stadium. The event will be held at Mililani High School this year so your family will be able to view the event from the stands. Personal trainers and coaches must be also in the stands thoughout the event and during the combine testing. We hope you invite all to see you succeed!



  • Cost of going to a camp on the mainland:  $1500-$2000 including camp, hotel, food, airfare, transportation
  • Cost of going to PIAA Combine $25. Cost of going to GPA Presents MAXIMUM EXPOSURE 2015: $189 or less
  • Exposure:  PIAA Combine sends results to over 1800 college and university coaches.  Other combines: Wait for colleges to go to their website for results
  • Exposure: 30+ College coaches from multiple colleges from all levels at the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE 2014 Camp.   Attend an individual college camp - One college, one level
  • Exposure:  MAXIMUM EXPOSURE 2015 Camp - 250 athletes on the field.  Work directly with your position coaches from colleges from around the country
  • Exposure at other camps:  500-800 athletes on the field, broken into groups. Top recruits are identified, get the most reps and work directly with the college coaches, others mostly with GA's
  • It is a chance to stand out as an individual to college coaches, a chance to be seen, to work with the colleges, to get coached up, to learn and get better.

Who will be doing the testing?

The testing and recording will be performed by Certified Football Skill Coaches and Performance Coaches from GridironPerformance Academy and their partner programs. Our staff is highly trained and all data will be objective. All tests will be standardized with special equipment to assure accurate results. Renound Strength & Performance Coach Chad Ikei will oversee all combine operations and data collection procedures.

Can college coaches attend?

Yes, depending on the Division of the College and the time of the year.  

As of August 1, 2006, the NCAA Rules committee passed Bylaw stating:
A Division I member institution or conference may not host, sponsor or conduct a tryout camp, clinic, group workout or combine (e.g., combination of athletics skill tests or activities) devoted to agility, flexibility, speed and strength tests for prospective student-athletes at any location. In sports other than football, a member institution's staff members may only attend such an event sponsored by an outside organization if the event occurs off the institution's campus and is open to all institutions. (NCAA Bylaw (Adopted: 1/10/92, Revised: 1/9/06 effective 8/1/06).

This means that no representative of any Division I Football program may attend a tryout camp, clinic, group workout, or combine. More information regarding this bylaw can be found at: This bylaw does not affect Division II, III, and NAIA schools.

The student-athlete's combine results will be posted on the GPA website approximately 2 weeks after event. All participants must notify GPA within 13 days of the combine if they wish to have any scores scratched from their record. 

What positions may participate?

All positions are encouraged to participate. In additional to all of the combine testing each position group also participates in a skill development and evaluation period.

Position Groups:
Defense DB, DL, LB
Offense: OL, QB, RB, TE, WR

Who is elligible to participate?

All Football players from grades 1-5 will be able to participate in the Youth Division.

Junior athletes that want to learn the finer details of football from Grades 6-8 will be able to attend the Junior Division. IF YOU ARE 5th grade going into 6th you can do either clinic or both.

High School athletes that want to test their skills in front of College and Pro Status trainers and coaches will be able to attend the High School Division June 5,6, and 7, 2015. If you are 8th grade going into 9th you can do either or both! Junior College Prospects wanting to show off their talents may come and participate.






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